The Ways to be Healthy

To be healthy is simple. It is as simple as the way we think of being healthy. Isn’t that nice? Think that you’re healthy and you will be. Don’t be so stressful thinking about deadly AIDS, cancer or any other diseases. Think that you,re healthy. That’s all.


Many people suffer from diseasses because they don’t believe that they can be healthy. Or when they think that other people can mmake them sick. Once I went to small restourant. I saw an old lady looking so weak ordering something. What make me shocked was that she brought the appliances by herselft from home. So, she brounght her own plate, spoon, fork, glass, straw and even napkin. At first I thounght that that woman was so stingy – who knew that she didn’t want to pay the service? I thought she only wanted to pay what she bought. But when she finished eating and left the place, I asked the waiter. He told that that she was the regular customer and she always did such thing: bringing her own appliances. Why? He told me that she was afraid of getting sick, So, She was afraid that the way the witers wash the restaurant’s appliances was not perfect. That was why she brought her own appliances. I nodded understanding why she did it. However, the waiter smiled and told me that what the woman did didn’t help her much. How come? She still got sick easily. At least four tome a month she got sick. Yes, at least four time a month!


 This is only one example of how easy (or difficult?) to make us healthy all the time. Believe that we are healthy, then we will be healthy.


There are many opinions on how to make us healthy. This are 7 activities that you can do to improve yourhelthy and inner wellbeing.


  1.  First, no tiredness or fatigue. How? Do plenty of exercise. A ten minutes exercise a day is more than enough for us. At least stretch your body. If you don’t get used to doing hard exercise, don’t try to do it. Just do as simple as possible. Also, eat healthily. Good healthy food will keep us live longer. Price doesn’t guarantee the quality. So, don’t get trapped with “high price means high quality”. Next, ensure there is fresh air where you sleep, don’t spend too long in artificial environments. Good environments mean good air. When you sleep – you are subconscious – you also need fresh air. In fact, you need it more. Why? Because you are subconscious, right?
  2. Second, good appetite in this context goes beyond food, another word for appetite is curiosity. A good appetite and a curiosity for life about having the capacity to take all the events and situations at face value, to see them with fresh eyes and to exercise one’s judgement from the moment rather than from past experience or learning.
  3. Good sleep. Sleep plays an important part in overall healthy but is a very individual requirement. Biologically we seem to be linked to the seasons and we should increase the amount we sleep  in the rainy and decrease the amount in the dry one. When it feels cold, then it seems that we feel sleepy. Don’t force to stay awake when we are sleepy. Why? Our body has its own instinct. When it’s tired, it will get sleepy. So, sleepiness is the signal for us to take a rest, to sleep.
  4. Also, good memory. When we are in good healthy our “mechanical memory”, that remembers dates, appointments telephone number and our daily commitments, works without having to rely on memory joggers. Our “biological memory” is connected with the deep – seated memory that is within very cell and structure in our body. But it is important to remember that your unique self – balancing system is dedicated to your survival. The third kind of memory is “spiritual memory” – knowing who you are, where you are and being at ease with your situation.
  5. In addition, good humor. A healthy manifestation at this level is flexibility: our ability to adapt to new situations, new challenges and to the obstacles in life. When we are tired, run stuck we can lose our flexibility and become increasingly irritable.
  6. Precision in thoughts, action and responses to our environment involve our nervous system. When our nervous system is tired then our response is equally low key. Keeping our nervous system sharp and alert helps us to ascertain where we are and where where we are going.
  7. Last but not least, gratitude. This can be sen as the most challenging level of health and its opposite manifestation, arrogance, could be the most detrimental. Being grateful for challenges helps to remove any tendency to blame something or someone else for situation.

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