We often hear people say that being  a genius is a gift from the God and there is nothing we can do about it. Some people are born to be genius while others are not. But there is one thing for sure that being a genius is every human’s dream because it could guarantee the success in our studies, jobs, or even in lives. Somebody being a genius is generally related to his intelligence. So the more intelligent a person is, the more genius he will be.

Intelligence is this case is not a metter of hoe person could get good scores in his tests or just how well the ability of a person could help him ini his school or college. These two are just indicators of something much larger. Intelligence we mean is the way people behave to various situations, especially new and challenging ones. And we can find these kind of situation not only in school or campus, but also in our daily life.

Experiment counducted to challenging environments showed that the rat’ brain had heavier and thicker cerebral cortex than others. Cerebral cortex are fibres that make actual and potential connections between neurons (nerve cells). And the power of the brain is largely affected by cerebral cortex because the power of the brain is generally a function of the number of neurones and richness of  their connections. So we can conclude that the more the brain is stimulated by new and challenging situations the better anf the richer cerebral cortex and the higher the mental ability will be.

Research conducted by Sperry and Ornsteins (two scientists from California Institute of technology) showed that the human brain is divided into two halves – the left side and the right side. The left side deals with language and mathematical processes, also with logical thought, sequence and analysis. The right side of the brain deals with music and visual impression, pictures, spatial patterns and colour recognition, also switch such intangibles like love, loyalty, and beauty. Or in other words we can say that the left side of to synthesize. The two halves can be specialized but cannot be isolated, each side complements and improves the performance of the others. That’s why the specialization of one of the halves while aban-doning the other half can result in some bizarre behavior.

The number of neurones or the nerve cells inside of the human brain is fixed before birth. About 20 weeks after conceptions, the human embryo has laid down the entire nervous system: between 12 – 15 billions neurones. Unlike other body cells, brain cells do not usually regenerate themselves. The loss of thousands that die over a life time is more than compensated by number of connections between neurones that continuously grow as the individual grows. Trytopan, a very important amoni acid for the brain chemistry, is largely concentrated on the human’s milk. That’s why for the sake of their child’s brain, mother’s breast-feeding is best for child.

Within tle last century human has made tremendous change is every aspects of life whether they are technical or material spheres. We have taken full power over our environment and we also have become the lords and masters of this planet over other creatures. Then also within those years there are plenty more who are considered to be the world’sgenius like Albert Einstein or our ex-president B.J Habibie, and there are plenty more who claim themselves as genius. But we do nor realize, reseach showed that from 15 billion nerve cells or neurones in our brain, we are only using not more than 4 or 5 percent of them. This means that not less than 95 percent of our brain power is unused. So, do you still think it is appropriate for you to claim yourself as a genius while you are only using not more than 5 percent of your brain power?

In conclusion, we know that intelligence has a very large influence or deciding somebody being a genius or not. To have a high intelligence, a person has train his brain in facing various situations, especially new and challenging ones,. And it is important for us to make a balance between the two halves of the brain in making our specialization. But the most important thing of all is that being a genius is not always gift from God so that not all of us could be genius, but everyone of us could be genius as long as we are willing to train our brain.



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