Summer Coming In Dammam

The weather already changed since few day ago due summer coming here in Dammam,  I have been in here since few months ago and last night was really bad weather, sands storm and so hot about 36 degree Celsius and if you go out  must be wear masker. my friends told me that summer here more hot than others country in Middle East like UAE, Qatar or others Country. I have been in UAE and Qatar and weather so hot can imagine how hot here than those country.

Yesterday I didn’t go out during day even my day off just went to Mosque at 11:30 AM and weather just hot no sands storm but at night Sands storm so bad and windy also. I didn’t see many people outside. if you go out must be wear masker because very dangerous for my healthy while we breath if not wear it  I went out to Supermarket to buy some cold-drink due the weather so hot and I need fresh drink and cold one. good that supermarket not far from my flat just go down and walk distance.

Summer here big different with my lovely country Indonesia. In my country summer just hot and warm we don’t have sands storm like here. and we still see many people outside on summer in Indonesia. was happened to me when I was in Qatar and UAE so lazy going outside while summer at high temperature so prefer stay in my room with AC. but on winter weather so nice.

In the morning weather changed not as much hot last night little bit windy and nice weather but for sure during day will change again and I hope not sands storm anymore. as my friends told me that sands storm very often here.


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