Winter in Dammam dan Dinginnya Dammam

Today is Thursday and I’m so happy due tomorrow is my day off, Here in Middle East weekend day is Friday so Governments offices will close on that day but not for  Hospital, Police station, and others services places. I will do my weekly activities like laundry, cleaning my room and cooking for sure. maybe will go out to Indonesian shop or mall not sure yet after 3 or 4 PM, will decide it tomorrow.

This morning I woke as usual and start work at 8 am until 6 pm,  my place walk distance to the office about 200 meters very close. so I left my room at 7:55 in the morning even sometimes 8 am hahaha , the weather this morning so cold, I’m wearing jumper, I checked the weather was 9 degrees Celsius in the morning because winter season still, even in Abu Dhabi my friends said that was fogging yesterday. I saw all the people wearing Jacket and jumper here.

In my office I never switch on AC on winter, the weather so good sometimes I open window to get air from outside. My friends said to me that summer here very very hot than other Country in Middle East. I can imagine it due I stayed in Others City before, I was in Doha Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE so I’m not surprise about summer but more hot still don’t know exactly will see on summer later on. I always make coffee here in my office but i never have coffee a lot when I was in Indonesia. here because the weather so cold so I need warm to my stomach and body. I can;t imagine if i live in Europe sometimes minus the weather and snowy because one of my big dreams is visit Europe and for sure will not visit on winter because so cold for me.

This is Dammam in Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia near border to Bahrain other one of country in middle east only pass the long bridge will arrive to  Bahrain about 45 minutes, wish next time I visit Bahrain to see my friend in Manama and send postcards to my friends and for myself due my other hobby is collect postcards.



Broast Chicken – Ayam Goreng Tepung

Ayam Goreng Tepung

Ayam makanan yang tidak pernah ada bosennya walau setiap hari mengkonsumsinya dan dimanapun berada sangat mudah untuk didapatkan begitupun dengan keberadaan gw disini kalau mau makan ayam tinggal telephone delivery order atau bisa langsung ke tempatnya. KFC salah satu nama tempat makan yang sangat populer di seluruh dunia dan sangat mudah di temukan dimanapun kita berada.

Mengingat salah satu hobby gw masak akhirnya mencoba membuat sendiri ayam goreng tepung yang sangat sederhana dan sangat mudah membuatnya. daripada beli terus bisa tekor dan habis uang gw hahaha mending bikin sendiri lebih sehat dan irit, yang pasti higenis

How to make Broast Chicken –  Ayam Goreng Tepung

cara Membuatnya adalah :

Bahan :

  1. 500 gr ayam dipotong sesuai selera
  2. 1 bungkus Tepung Bumbu Sasa
  3. 2 sendok makan Saos Sambal (bagi yang suka pedes)
  4. 1 sendok makan cabe bubuk (bagi yang suka pedes)
  5. 5 sendok makan Tepung Terigu
  6. Garam (sesuai selera)
  7.  Merica bubuk (sesuai selera)
  8. Air dingin

Cara Membuat :

  1. (adonan basah) Ambil 5 sendok makan tepung bumbu sasa dan masuknya air dingin 10 sendok makan aduk sampai merata dan tambahkan saos sambal dan cabe bubuk aduk sampai merata
  2. (adonan kering) Sisa dari tepung bumbu sasa campur dengan tepung terigu garam dan merica bubuk campur sampai merata
  3. Lumuri ayam k dalam adonan kering sambil di tekan tekan kemudian masukkan ke adonan tepung yang basah terus di masukkan ke adonan kering lagi sambil di tekan tekan sampai tertutup permukaan ayam dengan tepung kering secara keseluruhan
  4. Panaskan minyak goreng dan goreng ayam sampai berwarna kecoklatan dan mateng
  5. Siap untuk disajikan dengan Nasi atau dengan kentang atau bisa juga dimakan langsung dengan dicocol saos sambal.

Selamat mencoba dan dijamin rasanya tidak kalah dengan yang di jual jual di luar sana.

Ayam Goreng Tepung