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I was born in a small village Badegan Ponorogo in East Java far away from Capital City on Indonesia Jakarta. take around 16 hours by car and 12 hours by train. this city is very popular  with the dance, a dance with a big musk and traditional music, we called Reyog Ponorogo Dance. I’m so proud to be Indonesian. I live in diversity  because we have more than a thousand islands and more than a thousand cultures as well with big populations in the worlds and each place we have own traditions and different culture.
My name is Afendy. I come from east java and my hometown is Ponorogo and all my family in there but I live in Jakarta after graduated from senior High school I moved to Jakarta to continue my study and get a job in this city as well.  I have been  living in Bekasi since 2000. I was an announcer in radio. I like that job because I like music and of course make me relax and fresh  and never bored with the music.
I have been in Doha Qatar since April 30th, 2009 until May 7th, 2011.  I worked in Qatar for two years.

Talking about Hobby, one of my hobby is philately I like to go to Post Office to get some of stamps of Doha also some of Postcards in that country, I collect postcard from all around the world. i love written and stamped Postcards. good that I had chance to visit this country and improved my experience, Thanks GOD



8 thoughts on “Affendy’s Profile

  1. Hello, Afendy! I was glad to see that you visited my blog [] and that you enjoyed it! I, too, have enjoyed yours. Thanks to the wonderful Google Translate, I was even able to understand some of your story — that you are working in a hotel in Doha but seem to miss your loved ones terribly. I cannot image how that feels, but I think you will take many lovely memories of Doha back home with you when you do return! I will sign up to receive updates to your blog when you make them, and I will also look for your updates through Facebook. I love to learn about the world by making friends with people from other other countries and cultures 🙂 So thank you for writing to me! Perhaps we can even exchange postcards? Let me know if you are interested. Semoga Tuhan memberkati Anda dan membuat Anda dan bersinar wajahnya pada Anda.

  2. affendy

    Hi Renae, How are you hope everything is fine …. Thank you verymuch you already visited myblog and make a comment on it. and so sorry if sometime you difficult to understand nyword because I still learn and learn how to make mygrammar better hehehehhe

    When I was feel homesick I try to write something on myblog hmhmhm. by the way I just seach Museum of Islamic Art and I find your blog in there …. it was so nice because I find some of post cards on your blog. because I like collect stamps and poscards.

    I was so surprised you write in Indonesia Laguarge hmhmhmhm Have a nice day Renae 🙂

  3. KIKI

    Hello Affendy,
    saya kiki Dari Panorama Tours and Travel, Saya Di Bagian Creative Design, Saya suka Dengan Foto Pangandaraan anda, apakah boleh saya pakai Di media cetak Saya, Kami Sedang membuat Indonesia Tour Planer 2015, Saya berminat untuk memasukan foto anda ke dalam Journey Pangandaran, oh ya buku ini tidak untuk di perjual belikan kok. tapi nantinya buku ini buat Aggent2 Travel kami di Luar Negri. Ada satu hal yang saya sayangkan, Kantor kami tidak menyediakan dana untuk membeli Foto, Sebagai gantinya bila di ijinkan kami akan menampilkan nama anda sebagai Fotografer Panorama di buku Indonesia Tour planer kami.

    So Gmn? Ditunggu kabar baiknya ya.. 🙂

    1. affendy

      hello Kiki, terima kasih sdh singgah di Blog sy, sy sangat senang klw hasil jepretan camera sy bisa digunakan utntuk panorama Travel silahkan klw mau di gunakan dgn mencantumkan nama sy, terus sy minta bukunya ya klw sdh jd nanti 🙂 terima kasih

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