Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s really amazing garden and I can’t believe it that they make this place. all so beautiful and very organized. It’s a one of a kind in the region, and in the world, a unique display of flowers. It has a lot of blooming flowers in stunning designs, awesome shapes and structures, also colors.

I went to Dubai Miracle Garden on my dayoff and it was rain just small rain during day, I travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai by bus about 1,5 hours my trip due I live in Abu Dhabi. I took the Bus from Mall Of Emirates Metro station about 30 minutes to the destination and still rain even not heavy rain. I visited Butterfly Miracle Garden first then Dubai Miracle Garden later on.

I paid 30 dirhams for entry ticket to Dubai Miracle Garden. It was absolutely beautiful, such colour, So many flowers, and so many innovative ways of displaying them! Even though it was difficult getting photos without too many other people in them, I took ao many photos and videos. weather getting better after rain even still clody so difficult to get blue skies. I walk around and explore this garden until sunset. and before late night I left this place.


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