Welcome To Dammam

My flight landed about 21:40 and not take time went out from the plane due my seat not far from exit door. And I need to walk to immigration good that they provide lift so I didn’t feel tired because I had pain on my leg because long flight I think.

And I saw a lot of people already make line at immigration’s desk.  And they make separate for new entry and re-entry also for diplomatic. I made a line on new entry because I don’t have residence visa, take about 2 hours to get stamps from immigration.   so long but new experience for me.

after I got my suitcase and i went out looking for a guy who pick me up at Airport and I didn’t find. about an half hour I wait and still couldn’t find find than a guy from Arabic offer me taxi and I refuse due someone will pick me up. he is so kind because he help me to call the guy who pick me up and finally I met him, He’s from Sudan and so helpful. we went to park and direct going to the Hotel. take about 40 minutes from Airport to Hotel the one I stay.  Hotel so nice and very comfortable can’t wait to sleep due so tired and need rest. good night Dammam


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