Good Morning Ras Tanura – Selamat Pagi

Good Morning Ras Tanura. woke up in the morning but don’t know what I will do just check my mobile chatting with my family and friends. tell them that I arrived already in Saudi Arabia. even last night I didn’t sleep well because jet lag maybe.

Today is Friday and weather out side so good due winter already come. and I need to go Mosque and I just walk because the Mosque not far from the Hotel. my first time Jum”ah pray in Ras Tanura. all Arabic people and some of them Indian, Pakistan. only me looks different they think that I’m from Philippines.

finish pray I went to grocery to buy some drink and crackers. siting at the lobby before enter my room, chat with my family and friends about an hour than i went to market as per the staff that market not far from the Hotel about 15 minutes walk distance.

While I walk I found Indian restaurant and I was so hungry so I need to eat something, good that restaurant provide rice so I ordered chicken briyani, and the portion too much i can’t finish that food. i can eat that portion for 3 times hahaha. after having my food I went to Mosque just walk distance from that restaurant. and here when we hear adzan (time for praying) all activities have to stop, its happened  in the restaurant the one I was  there they close the door and i went out from kitchen.

on that afternoon I bought new sim card so I can use it to call with local number here and easy for me if i’m lost to somewhere and need help as well. here not easy to get new sim card because you have to use residence ID (iqama) but I don’t have it yet so I can use my passport. with passport you can only get one sim card not more than that. finally I have local number and back to Hotel sitting at the lobby suddenly the guy who pick me up at airport come and offer me to go outside just enjoying the weather by car. we went to Corniche and stop at fruit cafe. we bought juice and with big glass. OMG I can’t finish it in one time so I take away and keep in the fridge. for my breakfast next day hahaha

Good Night Ras Tanura



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