Chorniche Doha Qatar

City Centre

This is Corniche in Doha Qatar, I took this photo when I visited General Post Office Qatar beacause my hobby are collect stamps also postcards and easy for me to get them in the Post Office. usually I went there on my day off. talking about that photo on my left side is Post Office building and on the right side is Corniche Doha. the best place in the morning and afernoon also in the evening for jogging or just spending time with our friends and family.  I like jogging on the afternoon because nice weather and we can see sunset also from corniche even not perfect anytime but if we are lucky we will see it. by the way on the top are many building. that are city center. many hotels and officies building in there also some still under contraction. I like going to City Centre Mall after jogging with my friends just bought some food for us.

so may trees on the right and left side. that are dates tree. we can take the dates and eat it but that dates is season fruit, meaning to say that we can not find all the time.


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