Unlucky Day

Today is unlucky day for me 😦 and so completed day since morning to evening I was so sad and made me big headache with my blackberry. Today is saturday and same like the day before that I was going to work start from morning to afternoon but the one thing to made me sad is my blackberry. Stupid me and I always said that problem is because my stupid me I didn’t back up my data on my blackberry. At the afternoon my blackberry turn off automaticly and can’t turn on again, I thought because low bateray so I charge my backberry but still the same so for sure it was problem with my bateray. I went to blackberry store to ask bateray and I was so surprised when I heard the price 375 thousand Rupiah OMG its too much expensive, I don’t wanna spent money only for fucking bateray so I try to buy on another store and finally I got it with a good price and good deal with the seller, only 130 thousands rupiah better then before.
After I change bateray my backberry still not working OMG the problem is not from bateray but from applikasion so I back to blackberry store again to service it. And the problem can slove but all the data on my blackberry will lost. OMG all the contacts number ang contacts Blackberry in there even some my notes and messages. Stupid me I didn’t back up before. Can’t say anything – one thing can solve the problem is I have to intsal again my blackberry and let’s all the data lost 😦 😦 😦 😦 no choice
Only need one hour my blackberry to be fix and I was so sad because all the datas. I hope it will not happen again to me I already spent too much money for my blackberry and more to be ccareful for that.


5 thoughts on “Unlucky Day

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