Dear GOD

Thanks for everything and Thanks YOU give me chance to live and enjoy this world, sorry if sometime I was forgot YOU and remember YOU when I had some problem. Forgive me for that Ya Allah.
Same like today, when I have problem I just remember to my GOD that MY GOD will help me to solve my problem.

I don’t like lier people, because I try to be honest person until know so if someone try to lie to me I’m so hurt and so sad 😦 😦 😦 😦 why its happening to me. Which one my mistake. So easy to say something and promise to me but its nothing ahahaha I knew everything already change so I hope noone lie to me. If still doing to me GOD will punist it and I can only say, no worries – no problem 🙂

So easy to be honest person if you always say honestly, so please tell honestly and say honestly everyday to all the people so your life will better.


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