Happy Sunday

I try to start to write something after since for longtime I didn’t wrote on my blog because I was so busy with my study and mynew job. actually this is not new job bacause I back to my last job before I leave Indonesia to Qatar. but at the moment I said that this is my new job ahahahahaha because I found new situation and made me to be a new staff here.

I was so happy today since in the morning maybe because last night I meet someone, she is the one girl that I love it but we have not good situation so that why we not yet marry with her, but I hope soon ….. 🙂 thanks for your time lastnight, appreciate

today not busy here but not quite also, so on after six PM I will swim and doing axercise as well. because since I come from Qatar in here so lazy to do exercise. just doing that two time ahahahaha 🙂 so that why today will start to do it.

I don’t have planning after work, whre I will go … but tomorrow I will meet her and will go to Jakarta Fair, hope I have good time with her .. Miss u 😉


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