already 2 years

I have been 2 years in Doha, so many memories with happiness and sadness of couse .. At least I’m happy cuz I passed 2 years already without big problem in here and hope will back to mylovely country soon … My plan is on 7 of may is my flight and arrive in mylovely country on 8th on May .. GOD thanks for evrything YOU have given to me, everyhting is fine, even sometime very difficult to accept it but I Love YOU … Cus you give alll to make me survive in here, never boring to said Thank To YOU, because of YOU I’m like this and I’m here.

Two years for me is enough stayed in Qatar, even sometime I felt homesick and miss everyhting ls in Indonesia … I miss food, family and of couse my friends hmhmhmhmh miss u guys … Will meet u soon 🙂 all if u always support me and always make me smile and survive in here … Thanks to u all guysm

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