I Cried because of My love

I can’t sleep tonight and I don’t know why I remember her and she is always in mind. I remember when we meet on the  campus and we had hold each other and always stay together after finished studied, we always going out after finished study and it was all I had to get me through the night – I can’t stay far away from her … 😦 and now I can’t believe that you are not here and It’s really imposible to replied our memories before. everything already change but mylove never change to you and I always patient to wait for your love …. maybie you think that I’m crazy that’s true taht I’m crazy with your love … 😦 … everything is right and it all went wrong, hope your feeling same like what I feel now

Do you remember How we studied together and spent time togelther, I missed that moment hope it will come back again … 😦 and  wish you will say that you have same felt like this ,  but I guess and thought also  it’d never end for mylove.  You know that you were not only my best friend  but you were my true love ….

Oh My God ….. I cried because mylove I don’t care who knows it but I ain’t too proud to show it to you and to everybody ……  when I remembered our memonies when we were at the campus . my heart so hurt and I need her beside of me and I want spending time with her … I love you mydearest ….

sometime I wonder If you ever think of me also or not …….. Or am I just another distant our memory. And after all that we’ve been through It’s just so hard To give up on you. please make decation for that so I didn’t felt like this …. 😦 😦


5 thoughts on “I Cried because of My love

    1. affendy

      thanks mbk siti for ur tisue … but I need her in front of me not tisue hehehe 🙂 hope I will find my true love soon, thanks yach ….. 🙂

  1. Siti

    Amin, You’re welcome 🙂
    good luck for ur carier and ur love 🙂
    if u get her so, when u will invite me to ur wedding hahaha
    *just kidding, jgn dimasukin dlm perut* 😀

    Oh ya lupa. salam kenal 🙂

    1. affendy

      matur suwun mbk siti atas dukungannya heheehehe 🙂 tenang aja diundang nanti klw pas weddingnya ….. 😉

      yupzt … salam kenal yach sm bocah merana di negara yg nun jauh disana xexexexeeexe …. btw stay dmn sampean 🙂

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