New Friend from Azebaijan

Because luggage we became friend, actually He is my guest in Hotel, when he check in came without luggage due still in Dubai. When the flight Dubai to Doha He slept at the Airport so that’s why He miss the  flight also and of course his luggage and took another flight from Dubai to Doha  🙂 at least He got the flight to Doha even wait about 6 hours. Finally He got his flight to Doha and arrived in Doha without luggage.

When I was on duty  He came to me to inform that He miss his luggage when transit in Dubai, and I hear the story first and  after that I follow up and handle it, sometime make me laughing also because He was sletp at the airport and he doesn’t know that the flight already leave 🙂 that’s why I saw him so confuse and doesn’t know what He will do because everything in his luggage.

When I call to airport I hear that his luggage already arrive from Dubai, and I call him about it, and he is so happy to hear it so He go to airport right away  to pick up his luggage, and the day after that I meet him and said that he got his luggage. And he ask me also about Doha because this is the first time came in Doha so I explain everything about Doha and he want me also to accompany him to go to outside also He want to go to City Center, because He want to buy Mobile, on Tuesday I got my public holiday so I can go and accompany him to go Corniche, City Center and Villaggio also spent night at the souq waqif until 23:00 PM, he buy for me a souvenir, coin on the frame I like it because He knows because I told him about my hobby that I collect coins, stamps, banknotes and postcards and he said that he will send it to me when He come back to his country, he is from Azerbaijan ….. Can’t wait for that 🙂   will be more my collections … Thanks GOD


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