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This Post Card is From Poland, Radson Thank you very much for a nice postcard from you .. this is the first time I received postcard with map of your country. this place you told that you haveing a really good time in there clibing mountains and enjoying sunshine also admining beautiful scening. on this postcard shows  the shape of  Poland share a borders with 7 countries …. one again Many thanks Radson

This Postcard I gor from Milos, my friend from Slovakia …. it shows  Krasna Horka castle is located in a picturesque valley of the Slovak Ore mountains, on the summit of one conical hill about 4 Km from Roznava, in the Gemer region of Slovakia. It is a Slovak National Cultural Monument. It belongs to the castles that lived through the disappearance of the feudal society well preserved. Today the castle tells us about the creators of the values, of hard work and the smartness of the people of Gemer those build it in very harsh social and working conditions.


This Postcard also I got from Milos Leng. he is from Slovakia. This Postcard shows Posdrav z Roznavy .. That it old building in the middle of town and the name of that old building is Renaissance, it be built on 1654


This Postcard I got from Itali …..  Grazie Danillo and many thanks for your beautiful Postcard,  its so natural I like the colour of  yourpostcard – black and white hmhmhmhmm wonderful. the province of Treviso offers a marvellous blend of landscapes, art, history, natural beauty, hospitality and good food that will enrapture visitors. In addition to the Provice, which has a special part in the nation’s history, two other main watercourses cross the province of Treviso: the winding Livenza and the Sile, the longest river to come from resurgences in Europe and an extraordinary naturalistic environment which has been declared a Regional Natural Park.

This is mysecond postcard from Italia< one again many thanks to Danillo Basso for this beautiful postcard.  This beautiful area is home to a host of wonderful sights just waiting to be discovered. When talking about Treviso, one cannot neglect to mention the famous Prosecco, one of the most popular Italian wines abroad, and the exquisite Radicchio of Treviso and Castelfranco. Also worthy of note are the full-bodied red wines of Piave and those produced in the Asolo hills and Montello area, along with cheeses ranging from the creamy Casatella to “formajo imbriago” made with grape pomace, asparagus, sausages, cherries, chestnuts, mushrooms and desserts such as the delicious Tiramisu.


This Postcard I got from Myfriend, Rok Gracer, He is from Slovania. and Slovania is the greenest country in Europe and has so many beautiful nature attractions, This Postcard shows about PTUJ Castle. the most important street and also typical building. PTUJ is one of city in Slovania. and has 2000 years of history. I like the colour of roof mmmmmm fantastic, This city has olny 23.000 populations. it’s a typical of slovania toen. in this postcard I can see the traditional mask from Slovania also. it’s called carneval mask “(kurent)”. Thank you very much Rok …. I love this Postcard



This Postcard I got from Myfriend, Rok Gracer, and This is mydeconds postcard from him. He is from Slovania. and Slovania is the greenest country in Europe and has so many beautiful nature attractions, this postcard shows a beautiful rivers, and blue sea and of couse wuth amazing nature of Slovania hmhmhmhm wonderful. PTUJ is one of city in Slovania. I like the colour of roof mmmmmm fantastic, Thank you very much Rok …. I love this Postcard




This Postcard I got  from Myfriend silvia … she is from Itali and I  was waiting this postcard around two weeks, but  this postcard come when  I’m on vacation so it’s a little too late I got this beautiful postcard. Sardegna is one of city in Itali and very beautiful place …. you can fishing in there also. Silvia thank you very much for this beautiful Post Cards ….

I got this Postcard from Renai, she is from USA. I discovered her blog, commented, and a postcard trade soon followed Thanks Renae. This postcard shows The Great Smoky Mountains National Park on USA. This is beautiful place allso. it is about 2 hour drive from her home. and she was climbed this tower hmhmhmhhm I just imagine !!!! it will make tired but its very nice Renae …….. she told me that it doesn’t look hard but it was difficult. one again Many Thanks to Renae for this beautiful postcard



This post card is from myfriend from Manchester United Kingdom ….. his name in Radek very kind of him in this post card showing the beautiful castle in hishometown in Poland. his family and his sister stay in there. He is from Poland but He was stayed in Manchester.  I have been waiting this beautiful Postcard more than two weeks heheheheh finnaly I got it .. Thanks you very much to you Radek ……  hope you will visit your family soon this year. we are in the same situation now,  far away with our family hmhmhmmhhmm wishing you all the best.


This is postcard painting of Museum Islamic Art in Doha Qatar – That palce is so amazing and so popular in Doha, I like to go Inside of that museum … and never bored to go there. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M. Pei, the 376,740-square-foot Museum of Islamic Art in Doha Bay houses a collection of international masterpieces in galleries encircling a soaring, five-storey-high domed atrium. The Museum, an architectural icon 60m (195ft) off Doha’s Corniche, rises from the sea and is connected to shore by two pedestrian bridges and a vehicular bridge. A C-shaped peninsula and park area on the shoreline behind the Museum offer shelter and a picturesque backdrop.

This Postcard I got it from Vlatko – my friend from Croatia  and look at this stunning nightview of Split ……. OMG …… thank you Vlatko so much ……. I like This postcard verymuch hope someday I will be there Amien YRA. I wait for longtime to get this post cards – almost 3 weeks, but finellay I get it …. Thank you very much

This post card is talk about Souq Waqif – one of traditional market in Doha Qatar ……. This is an amazing place if you want to relax or buy some stuff for shopping or souveiners! You will be enchanted of the ambiance from this place. It’s basically the aroma of what Qatar can offer. Glimpse from the past and the present can be viewed while walking. The restaurants available are a “must see” and “must taste” for all those who love to devour the essence of what middle east foody could offer. On a weekend, A local gathering can be experienced. A delight of what something this land can create a harmony from within. A donkey. Yes, a real donkey for those kids to see. I named it “mighty” because it’s just amazing how the animal can carry a load of an earthling.

Thispostcard is from Qatar,  this is one of myfavorit postcards from Doha and I swap and send to myfriends. I like the view this postcard. the view is Doha City hmhmhm so beautiful this view, fantastic and amazing  …. on this picture you can see Al Fanar. Al Fanar is Islamic Center in Doha Qatar and you can see corniche and Soq Waqif  also. The  view of Doha was taken from the Museum of Islamic Art.

Kartu pos yang menceritakan gambaran bangunan rumah traditional orang Qatari yang cukup tua dan telah rusak karena tidak ditempatin dan ditinggalkan penghuninya. begitupun keadaan d negara Qatar sekarang ini begitu karena begitu banyaknya bagunan-bangun untuk pemerintah dan bangunan yang penting sehingga banyak juga pernggusuran-penggusuran yang dilakukan di Qatar dengan dialokasikan ke tempat yang laen .




Kartu Pos ini adalah kartu pos dari Qatar. Kartu pos yang menceritakan tentang binatang unta. unta adalah salah satu binatang yang berasal dari daerah timor tengah dan binatang inilah yang bisa bertahan hidup di hamparan gurun pasir yang berada di negara timur tengah. binatang ini sanggup tidak minum dalam beberapa hari dan sekalinya minum  memerlukan banyak air hmhmhmhmh banyak temen-temenku yang minta dikirimi kartu pos ini karena begitu indah bentuknya dan cukup unik …

Visiting Doha – one of the must-visited place will be Souq Waqif. Located in the center of the town, this old Bedouin  souq has been renovated and transformed into a tourist attraction plus the eatery and fancy dining places.  One part of the souk is very nice and filled with a lot of posh dining – from Iraqi, Moroccan restaurant to Malaysian. It will be very enjoyable to sit outside during cooler month and watching people passing by in one of the restaurants. There is a big gallery with a lot of art display and old cinema posters, very unique. Further to inside, the souq is changed to less modified souq and more local with some arabic food joints and antique shops. There are different parts of the souk selling clothes, spices, antique/tourist souvenirs, even pets

This Postcard I got it from Myfriend in China … This postcard shows the city of Wuhan … one of a big city in China with big populations alsi … Thanks Huang for this postcard

I got this Postcard from gosia. She is from Poland …. this postcard shows the situation of weno’s street. this is very old picture.  Thanks Gosia for this beautiful postcard ..

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