Desert Doha – Qatar

This is myfirst experience to go to Dessert in Doha Qatar after already one year I have been in here. I would like to say thank you verymuch to my Manager because He is the one who arrange this tour from Qatar International Adventure. I was so happy to go there and we didn’t make plan before so when I got myoff on wednesday and also one of my friends off that day so we Inform to mymanager that we want to go to dessert Safari Tour tomorrow and he ask me who want to join with us …… and we said that our college in Front Office that work on morning shift will join with us to go to dessret safari and my manager aprrove it hmhmhmhmhmhmm perfect. so we go with ourcollege and leave hotel at 15.30 with the guide from Qatar Internatinal Adventure. I go to desert safari tour with Andy, dimas, jovanie, sienna and bonita … all of them are my college in Hotel and we got fun in our trip.


before we go sienna and I go to grocery to got some snacks and baverages and we did not pay for that because he give me all of thing to us and every things are free … hehehehehh I can’t believe it, He give us everything and free .. Thanks GOD very kinds of him hope someday he will give me more heheheheh

on our trip we always make sing a song together and make some jokes of couse so never boring on our trip to go to dessert safari tour.  and we interduce everybody to the driver and he is the one to be guide too. his name is mohammed, He is from Palestine – He is very funny because when our trip always make a joke and jokes, very intertaint

after 45 minutes we arrive at sealine and we saw camels in there …. it’s nice camel and we ride that camel and took  some pictures, the camels is very hight when standing ………. it’s nice because I can not find camel like this in my country, this is my first experience in here.

after took some pictures and ride camel we star for adventure on desert hmhmhmhmhmhm I can’t wait for that, the driver is already to take us to go to adventure ……… Oh My God this is my first experience mmmmmmmmm vary nice …. amazing I really like it the driver so crazy to drive the car on dessert hmhmhmhmmhm my friends already dizzy and vomit because this adventure. the driver bring us to going up – going down oooooooo really  amazing I never forget it.  after around of 15 minutes the driver stop his car in the top of disert and we can saw sea and flaminggo on the top ….. mmmmmmm great and amazing , the colour of the sea is so  nice and very clear Oh My God thanks for this chance and bring us to here to saw Your Creation.

after 15 minutes we go to adventure again and angain and we go to gate of saudi arabia, we stop in there after drive around 20 minutes, we can saw saudi arabia after that sea mmmmmmmm so nice I saw mountain of saudi arabia. after that we go to bass camp of Qatar International Adventure and we go to the beach and we saw camel also and we saw so natural in this camp, we can stay over night here but to day we can”t because tomorrow we have to go to work hmhmhmhmhmhm








8 thoughts on “Desert Doha – Qatar

  1. bramasto

    Perfect! I never go to Dessert safari and also Sealine during right now.Way not invite me to join with your??? But thanks for the information, because it is very useful for us,really are not going there.

    1. affendy

      yalla go there … you can not wait for that hehehehhehe with the professional drive will take u on a roller coaster and then after adventure take a refreshing on the beach with camel ….. mmmmmmmm mantab cuyyyy

  2. bramasto

    Perfect! I never go there until right now!Way you not invite me to join???I’am interested..
    But,it’s oke!because you have story about thats!he,
    When you will go back again in Dessert safari &Sealine???

    1. affendy

      so sorry bro because only mydepartment can join with us hehehehehe but someday U should be there before back to yourcountry, it’s amazing …..

      I don’t know when I will go to dessert safari again …. hope someday we can go there togethere

  3. anne

    HA3……keren bisa nulis, kalo aku mach bisanya makan…kwkwkwk.
    sering2 baca tulisan bahasa inggris n harus belajar structure n penenpatan kata. kan gakk keren isinya bagus tapi morat marit.


    1. affendy

      mbk Anne … thanks yach atas commentnya hehehehehe masih belajr nich englishnya so berani nekat aja hmhmhmhmhm cuz masih jauh dr kesempurnaan btw thanks for your advise

  4. david

    What nice pictures of desert in Qatar and great to read your experiences about there…it shows that you have really enjoyed all there…congratulations…

    1. affendy

      that’s right …. it was my first experience and I really enjoyed because its amazing hope someday I can came back to join desert tour again … 🙂

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