Quite Friday

At the lobby so quite now but 2 hour before so busy witth the guests check out becouse time for check out is at 12.00 so that why that time we are so busy. But now i can relax because nothing to do at the lobby and just spent time with my blog hehehehehehe …………today is Friday, in doha qatar Friday is day off or public holiday it’s mean week end becouse in this country different with the other country. On Friday all the shop and office wil close and shops will open at 16.00PM. this country Friday and Saturday is week end days.

This Friday I feel bored at the lobby just chat with my friends hehehehehehe there so many Indonesian also work in this Hotel but one by one they risign from this hotel. I don’t know why they leave this hotel. Some of them they get a now job in the other country and some of them go back to Indoneisa. And they will get job in indonesia later. Hope they will get soon as imposible. Amien.
Like yerterday .. three of my college back to Indonesia. cuz They just finished work in this hotel only one year and didn’t continue it for finish their contract until two years. Hope Theywill get job in Indonesia as soon as imposible Amien.  but I was so sad because next day, next week, next month, and of couse next time  some of Indonesian will risign too and back to mycountry ……  but  I have to servive in here and get wht I have plan before … I’m not give up here I can pass everything here because God always beside me and bless me wherever and whenever I’m stay.


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