Al – Fanar Doha Qatar

Today is my off day since in the morning until afternoon I was enjoyed my day off.  After wake up at 09.00 AM I go to Al Fanar to look at Exabition cuz there is calligraphic’s Exabition at the Al-Fanar so that why I have to go there before exabiton finish. You know al-fanar is nice place to visited there is one of a big Mosque in Doha – Qatar and also on the 2nd floor you can find so many book about Islam with some of laguarge in the world like english, urdu, tamil, tagalok, turkey, russsia, thailand and of couse Indonesian Laguarge. and we can also bring it back to home and of couse free …..  and i take three books with Indonesian and english laguarge mmmmm I like it becouse I will read that book to make improve myknowledge about Islam and some of that I will give to myfriends as a souvenir from Doha Qatar …… I never forget it Al Fanar mmmmmmmmm wonderfull …

After I get that books I go down and time for me to see calligraphic’s Exabition at the Al-Fanar – when I come there are so many people also visited in there. All of the staff very kind with visitor and one staff come to me and give me welcome drink … …I ask to him what kind of baverage is it??? and he told me  that’s arabic coffie …. and than I drink that welcome drink even I can not enjoy it hehehehehe cuz that coffee without sugar ….. that taste not good but it’s cuz onething that  make me surprise is how staff to serve all the visitor —— it’s the point.

Oh My God …. Amazing all of calligraphics …. imagine how to make this calligraphic mmmmmm perfect  I don’t how to make this and how long they need time to finish it ….. I was so happy this afternoon to visit Al Fanar … I was so lucky can see anything in here .. Thanks GOD… some of calligraphic also sell ih there but the prise is so expensive hmhmhmhmhhm there is $1.500 and $6.000 mmmmmmm I can’t buy that … I don’t have enough money cuuuyyyyyy.  I just take a picture it’s enough for me hehehehehehe.

I see There is somebody sit in there to do something with his pen and also so many people around of him … when I come to that chair I see  that man make aclligraphic on the paper for visitor … he write visitor name in there mmmmm so nice and nice calligraphic also.  subhanalloh …… He also write myname  in that paper as calligraphic and I request two heheheheheh kesempatan gratisan cuuyyyyyy.  when i’t already finish to write my name I hear that adzan dzuhur come  so it’s time for me to go to mosque and pray for dzuhur.

Dzuhur pray already finish and it’s time for me to go to Qatindo (Qatar Indonesia) supermarket cuz i will buy something in there exspesially Indonesian food and baverage also. one thing that I never forget about Al Fanar …. It’s amazing and I will come later and get some a new books and Information about Islam. see you Al Fanar

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