Silance In Mybedroom


It is 21.00 o’clock and I just arrived at myappartement after have my dinner and I wanna get my pillow, myblanket as soon as imposible and continue with  nice dream, hope will meet my angel in my dream  to make  my life full of colours ……. after doing  activities since in the morning until afternoon and spending  time with work and work and work …. hahahahahaha nomore days without working that’s  me and that is my daily activity, ……  of couse I did with apssion and profesionalism …….  happiness and hapiness because I have to finished mystudy as soon as imposible  so I will always ready to do whatever and whenever mybos need it …… I can not iqnore it I have to answer  yesman and always ready ……. heheheeh sorry just kidding but Live must go on and gw tidak lupa selalu bersyukur sama Tuhan YME because God always bless me.

I have to survive in here and more patient if wanna be a success oneday  and get whatever in my dreaming. One again Thanks for God cuz always bless me in whtever I have and will do.

Like today actualy  I wanna sleep soon because sice three days ago I don’t know why I was go to bed late, I can slept about at 00.00 o’clock. So I was so difficult to weak up early. And of couse so lazy to do activity in the morming. Very lazy man here heheheheheh but seldom heheheeh actually I’m deligent man hahahahahah show off gw .

Particulary tomorrow I will get up early and hope God always inside of me and of couse alwayas bless me.

Actually I was so tied since three days ago. But I won’t write it in here about mybadday because  badmotivation will be coming next so I have survice and get a goodmotivation and make mylife full of  the colour of love hmhmhmhmhmhhmh kaya’ judul lagu ja.

I’m alone here and so silence in here I can’t do anything. Just wacthing television and to try to write in here so I can post it on myblog. God  I miss myfamily and myfriends longtime nosee. How have they been. Hope they always in protection of God so am I. Usually if I miss myfamily just call them. But not today because mycount have finished heheheheheh. Haven’t buy count.

In the silence’s night can’t do anything just listen music and put myfinger on the  keyboard of mycomputer to write whatever I will do and I want. God what I feel now only You know it so Give me solution to solve all of myproblem and make mylive better. I am sure You hear all of mypray and mydream will come because You always bless me and bless me and bless me…always inside of me

I still miss myfamily at home. What they do now while I am here alone and can’t do anything. Sofar if I invited them.

It is 23.30 I have slepty and wanna go bed soon because tomorrow I will do acitivity like before, and hope will be fresh after get up and see the sunshine in themorning, I wanna be like the sun  never change where will be arrise and always on time when the sunshine and the sunset. not like people always change theirmind and always not consistance and on time  include me, hahahahahah hope I’m not … hehehehehhe ngeles aja kaya’ bajai’’’’’ but I like on time.. really

Dah ya mo’ tidur dulu nich, sudah ngantuk banget.




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