Beautiful Day

Today is saturday and this day is myhappiness day’ why I said that cuz today I have plan to open myblog and I will write all of myactivity since I get up until I go to bed. so I will save this inmyblog and someday when i get merried or get chil I all of myfamily know about me. hehehehehehe. longtime I didn’t do it. I mean write about me in this so when I see bukan empat mata in televition, one of televition show I get spirit to write about me in my Blog. Cus in that show talk about bloger and they’re really enjoyed theirblog. so I get will do ti as soon as inposible.
I will write myactivity on this Blog, yesterday is friday. actually I was so busy cuz I have to do mypaper about Koperasi and UKM cuz I will present mypaper in front of class. and yesterday I have to do test too. it’s lesson about managements so all of the lecturer have to followed it. it was fron monday until friday. friday was test the others name was UAS (Ujian Akhir Semeseter). froday make me busy while I do mypapaer I have to studied history of management. btw the teacher was from Universitas Airlangga. I was forget hercompalet name. I just know the nick name was Anis.
while I do test, it’s was so crowded in class cuz somany lecturer followed. it was about 90 lecture like Kampus sejuta umat hehehehehehehe. but we was ejoyed.
whine time was offer. I was panic cuz i have’t finished to answer all of the question son I have to wrote as soon as imposible. finally i have finished. Thanks God U bless me on this occation.
Talking about Koperasi and UKM, about mypaper I have leaved on rental cuz that’s paper have’t printed. after finishe UAS I look far myteacher (Mrs Tuti) cuz I have to present mypaper but I didn’t find her. it’s make me sad and happy. I mean sad cuz I have to ready to present it and I have make a time to finished. I mean happy cuz I can change mypaper and edit it. Heheheheheeh.


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